Does penis size matter?

Do women prefer men with bigger penises? The short answer to that question is, some do sometimes to some extent, but men are far more worried about penis size than women are.

Look at the facts:

  • The average depth of a female vagina is 2.7-5.83 inches, though they expand when sexually aroused and can potentially grow several inches deeper. The average width of a vagina is 1.88-2.48 inches.
  • The average length of the human penis when erect is 5.1-5.9 inches long and 4.8 inches in circumference.

From this data alone we can deduce that not all women want a 12 inch long, 6 inch wide penis fully inserted in their vagina. Petite girls under 5 feet tall (with proportionately sized vaginas) couldn’t take a 12 inch penis inside them. It would literally tear them apart. A 12 inch penis wouldn’t even fit all the way into an average sized woman’s vagina, and cramming it in as far as possible would stretch her out so much it would physically damage her body. Far from being pleasurable, it would be unbearably painful.

If it’s important for a girl to be “filled up,” then the average sized penis is well suited for the average sized vagina. This is one of those cases in life when average isn’t mediocre; average is statistically ideal. However, on the Bell Curve of sexual cravings, there are a minority of women who prefer above-average sized penises, and there are also women who prefer (and even need) below average-sized penises. Any man with a below average sized penis should consider dating petite girls whose vagina will need a smaller penis.

To this some men might say, “Wouldn’t a petite girl still prefer an average sized penis since that would be large to them? After all, don’t all women like to be stretched out as much as possible since more is always better?”

The answer to that question is, “not necessarily.” A little stretching can fell good. A lot of stretching usually hurts. Stretching any bodily tissue past its normal limits hurts, especially tissue as sensitive as our all-important sexual organs. If you don’t believe me then ask every woman you know if she’d rather have a penis inside of her that’s a little too big or a little too small for her. Most women would be relieved to have a penis inside them that’s too small if the alternative is to have to endure taking in a penis that is too big.

To this some men might say, “I don’t believe that, because I’ve been to porn stores, and I’ve seen the massive dildos they sell. I even know women who own and use a dildo the size of a fist. If women didn’t want the biggest penis as possible inside them then why do women buy dildos that big?”

Nobody who has ever worked at a porn store would ask that question. I speak from experience, and I’m not the only member of my family who has worked at a porn store. I can tell you that porn stores sell very few dildos the size of a human forearm, and most of the ones they do sell are bought by gay men or frat boys. Take a closer look at the dildos and vibrators for sell at any erotic novelty store, and you’ll see that dildos and vibrators come in all shapes and sizes, some even as small as a pinky finger. Yeah, some women would literally pay to have something the size of a human pinky finger inserted into their vagina. Think about that.

If you look closer at the sex toys women pay money for you’ll also notice that a lot of their vibrating sex toys aren’t even designed to be inserted into the vagina at all. They’re designed to stimulate the clitoris, a pencil eraser-sized bump just above the opening of the vagina that contains more pleasure nerve endings than a man’s entire penis. Think about that. The ultimate pleasure device doesn’t even require a penis to operate. If you’ve ever wondered how lesbians can live without dick, that’s how. In fact, most women can’t achieve an orgasm through PIV sex alone. Most women literally can’t have an orgasm unless their clitoris is stimulated. So any man who is more obsessed with the size of his penis than how good he is at going down on a woman doesn’t understand women or their vaginas.

If you want to know how important the clit is, then propose this story/question to every woman you know who is comfortable talking about sex to you:

“Imagine you’re walking down a sandy beach, and you find a genie lamp laying in the sand. You rub it, and a genie pops out.  It tells you that it will grant you one fate, which is both a blessing and a curse. You must choose between one of three fates:

1. Tomorrow you’ll marry Kahl Drogo and spend the rest of your life with him. He’ll have the biggest cock your vagina can comfortably accommodate, but he’ll be the worst man at oral sex who has ever lived.

2. Tomorrow you’ll marry Kahl Drogo and spend the rest of your life with him. He’ll have a below average sized penis, and you’ll have to throw a pair of magical dice to determine exactly how much smaller than average his penis is, but you won’t be able to change your mind after the dice are tossed. Regardless of the results of the dice toss though, he’ll eat pussy better than any man who has ever lived.

3. You fall asleep immediately and die in your sleep.”

However the woman answers, ask her to explain herself. Don’t be surprised when you find that most women would choose the second option: to have a man who eats great pussy… because that’s more pleasurable than penis size to women.

If you can get a woman to answer this personal genie riddle, then push the issue and propose a second scenario/question to them:

“Assuming you didn’t choose to die by falling asleep, you keep walking down the beach thinking about the choice you just made with the genie when you find another lamp. You rub it, and another genie pops out. This genie offers you two choices:

1. Regardless of Kahl Drogo’s penis size, he’ll be able to stimulate your G-spot with both his fingers and penis better than anyone else, but he’ll be so plain looking that neither you or any one of your friends or frenemies will ever be particularly impressed by his physical appearance.

2. Regardless of Kahl Drogo’s penis size, he’ll never stimulate your G-spot with his fingers or penis… ever. Your G-spot will be so neglected that you’ll forget it exists (if you ever knew that it did). However, you can choose to change Kahl Drogo’s appearance to look however you want.”

If you can get a woman to answer the second scenario, ask them to explain their answer. If you ask girls about their experience with real world penises, they’ll tell you that technique is more important than size to stimulating the G-spot. So any man who is more worried about their penis size than the quality of their sexual technique at hitting the G-spot doesn’t understand women and has their priorities backwards. Since the G-spot is on the roof of the vagina just past the opening, small penises are well suited to hitting it.

Technique may be more important to women than size, but meaning is more important than technique. Very few women would turn down the opportunity to have sex with a really great, confident, sweet, funny, strong, successful guy whose penis is smaller than her dildo. In fact, there are millions, if not billions, of women out there who own dildos and are married and totally committed to men whose penises are smaller than their dildos, and those women prefer having their husband’s penis inside them over their larger dildo because, again, sex is about more than penis size. To this some men may ask, “But if they prefer their husband’s smaller penis then why own the bigger dildo at all?”

The answer is, because size is a novelty; it’s not the point. If a man bought a pocket pussy he might choose one a little looser or tighter than his lover’s actual vagina, but that has zero bearing on what he thinks about the size of his lover’s vagina, how he feels about her as a person, how badly he wants to fuck her or stay with her for the rest of his life. The same is equally, if not more true for women and their dildos. Sure, using a large vibrating dildo with a clitoral stimulator can be fun, but a dildo is just a piece of plastic. It can’t hold you. It can’t whisper compliments in your ear. It can’t make you feel like the only woman in the world. It can’t sweep you off your feet and offer you lifetime of love and security. A man with a big cock and a cold heart is worth about as much to a woman as a dildo.

If the thing women wanted most out of sex was to have their genitals stimulated until they blow their load, they could just walk into any gym at any time and walk out with some big stud to have noncommittal sex with, but women don’t do that. They bide their time and choose their sexual partners based on much more than just the size of a man’s organs. What women want most out of sex most of the time is the emotional connection to the person they’re having sex with. They’re in it more for the total mind/body life experience, not the base physical chore of genital rubbing. They measure the quality of a sexual encounter more on whether or not a man can make them feel special than whether or not he works their pussy like a champ. Granted, if he can work their pussy like a champ also then so much the better, but if a women had to choose she’d usually choose emotional pleasure over physical pleasure. At any rate, working a pussy like a champ can be learned and has little to do with dick size. If you’re obsessed with your sexual prowess enough to study how to work a pussy like a champ you should be more obsessed with how to make a woman glow emotionally, because, again, women are more obsessed with that then having their pussy worked like a champ.

Granted, if a woman found a genie lamp on a beach, and the genie offered to create the perfect man for her unconditionally, there’s a good chance she’d wish for a man with a better body than you have, dick and all. But to be fair, if a man found a genie lamp on a beach, and the genie offered to create the perfect woman for him, he’d probably choose to create a woman with an unrealistically beautiful body. If women are selfish, greedy size queens for wanting a hefty cock inside of them then men are selfish, greedy ass holes for wanting a busty petite beauty queen underneath them. But in reality, nobody is a bad person for being sexually attracted to sexually attractive people.

And in reality, most people will never get to have sex with or marry someone who fits their ideal sexual fantasy anyway. We have to settle for a real person, but we don’t resent the flaws of the people we love. We accept and celebrate them for everything they are. If someone can’t accept you and love you for who you are then you shouldn’t be with that person. If you can’t accept and love yourself for who you are then you won’t make a good partner for anyone.

Sometimes women do insult men’s penis sizes, but if a woman ever insults your penis it’s probably not because the size of your penis is so important to her; it’s more likely because she’s mad at you for something else and is just saying what she knows will hurt you because she knows how important your penis size is to you. If she’s genuinely judgmental and cruel about the size of your penis, the problem still isn’t the size of your penis. The problem is that she’s a petty, shallow human being whose petty, shallow opinions aren’t worth taking seriously.

In the end, neither God nor good women measure the the value of a man’s life by the size of his penis. Penis size is more or less an incidental detail, and whatever pleasure (if any) is lost in sex by having a small penis, it can be more than made up for by giving a woman all the other things that are more important to her.

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6 responses to “Does penis size matter?

  • ayatollah1988

    “If women are selfish, greedy size queens for wanting a hefty cock inside of them then men are selfish, greedy ass holes for wanting a busty petite beauty queen underneath them. But in reality, nobody is a bad person for being sexually attracted to sexually attractive people.”

    But the problem is that with today’s sexual market, where women fuck around before settling down into a real relationship, women have probably had a bigger dick inside of them than their husband’s and perhaps even pine for their former lovers because they stuffed them in a way that their husbands are incapable of. The idea of my wife having been intimate with a big-dicked man and having mind-blowing sex and being filled in a way that I could never experience with her is utterly unacceptable to me. That is why I will never commit to an “experienced” woman. I don’t need my penis to be her ideal penis size. But I DO need it to be the best one she’s ever had.


  • Juju Luutersz

    You are the wisest sloth I’ve ever known. By far!


  • sameer

    Heart youching and true


  • laurie12013

    For those that do not know… Foreskin reaches and stimulates her clitoris. Stop cutting it off,My pleasure depends on it. Thank you. 🙂


    • chiefkilljoy

      His foreskin stimulates your clit? That doesn’t sound like pentration… Do you now what foreskin actually is? XD


      • Allan Mason

        My foreskin was amputated when I was an infant, so I don’t speak from experience. However, I have heard that the experience of some women is that they do get more stimulation from an uncircumcised penis because the looser skin on the shaft gathers at the base on insertion and this can stimulate the clitoris.


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