Welfare recipients aren’t taking all your money. Business owners and investors are.

good dwight

It’s not uncommon in any country to hear people blame the miserable state of their economy on welfare recipients freeloading off the hard work of the middle and upper classes. While it’s true that welfare queens do exist they’re not the fundamental problem with the economy.

The fundamental problem with the economy is that business owners underpay their workers and overcharge their customers. That one-two punch is enough to make middle class workers have to count their pennies to survive, but it bleeds blue collar workers straight into nearly inescapable poverty. Surviving (much less saving) is made even more difficult by the fact that landlords have to overcharge for rent because banks (and government taxes) extort everyone who takes out a 30 year mortgage. The only way to get a job that pays enough to afford all the meaningless fees you have to pay to buy a house is to buy a degree from a university, but the cost of a degree is inflated so high that poor people can’t afford it. So they’re stuck working degrading, underpaying jobs for the rest of their lives. Those who can afford a degree are crippled with debt for half a lifetime.

The only reason wages are so low and the cost of goods, loans and education are so high is because the rich get rich by taking as much of everyone else’s money as they can while giving as little back as possible.  This hurts everyone, but it hurts the poor the worst. The reason poverty exists in the first place isn’t because poor people are lazy. They’re poor because business owners took all their money.

It is true that a small minority of poor people scam the tax payers and don’t want to work, but look at the alternative. Their only option in life is to work themselves to death in degrading jobs that don’t pay a living wage to begin with. Why wouldn’t they scam the system? Because it’s irresponsible? They can’t get ahead in life because the rich are scamming them out of all their money. They’re just doing to the system what the system did to them. I’m not saying that’s right, just that it’s inevitable.

Slashing welfare isn’t going to make the middle class richer or help the economy. It’s just going to create more misery and poverty. Increasing welfare isn’t going to help anyone either because business owners are just going to take the poor’s money anyway, and the poor still won’t be able to afford an education. Business owners and investors are going to continue getting richer, and everyone else is going to continue getting poorer (or at least working themselves to death treading water) as long as business owners and investors refuse to share their profits with their employees or charge reasonable prices for their goods and services. Raging against poor people for being lazy, greedy scum bags adds insult their injury and makes undeserving scapegoats out of them while the real robbers continue business as usual.

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2 responses to “Welfare recipients aren’t taking all your money. Business owners and investors are.

  • Ron

    I used to make $30K/year and now I make $55K and I live in CA. I just don’t have a baby that would cost over $200K to raise to adulthood, so all these years I have save over $200K which I put into Vanguard mutual funds that invest in small, mid and large corporations so I’m part of the investors your’re talking about. When the corporations make more profit then they give out more dividends, which means I get more passive income. When the stocks go higher, my mutual funds account go much higher too. So it’s about working hard, save your money, and don’t have a $200K kid to support. 😛


  • vanessa katz

    Thanks for your opinion on this. I appreciate your perspective, and I don’t entirely agree with you. There are many bosses running small business that take smaller salaries than their employees, and don’t actually overcharge their customers. They are barely breaking even. On the other hand, yes I do agree that many are bosses exploiting their workers (i.e. restaurant owners can open multiple restaurant locations, but pay workers minimum wage.) From my experience, most landlords charge “unreasonable prices” for substandard housing, brokers in various industries add little value while inflating costs, and 40% of my paycheck goes to taxes. Do I need a raise so I can pay my landlord more? Should my paycheck be larger so more of it can go to taxes? Should I be making as much as my boss (who started the company and works longer hours than I do) so I can buy the latest stuff that’s being advertised to me? My point is that it’s not just the boss or welfare recipients vying for our money, but many other unreasonable economic burdens.
    Yet another perspective is that we are already rich– some of the most valuable assets that we all have (besides time) is free will, and we can choose to work for a nicer, less greedy boss. Cheers.


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