Seven free E-books from The Wise Sloth

If you didn’t know, I’ve compiled five free E-books from my blogs. Enjoy them and share them. I’ve written other stand-alone books which you can find on my Free Ebooks page.

philosophy cover

Philosophies of the Wise Sloth: A collection of essays that flesh out my philosophies on life.


The Reality of the United States Military: A collection of essays that explain why the United States military is a cult that treats its members inhumanely.


The Reality of Christianity: A collection of essays that explain why Christianity is mythology and does more harm in the world than it does good.

Writing the Wise Sloth Way

Writing the Wise Sloth Way: A collection of essays on writing with an emphasis on blogging and writing fiction using formula plot templates.

politics cover

Problems and Solutions in American Politics: A collections of essays about problems in the American political system. The essays also offer practical, nonviolent solutions to those problems.

prosperity cover

The Path to Prosperity: A collection of essays aboutĀ economicsĀ told from the point of view of a poor person.

The Wise Sloth 2nd Edition

The Wise Sloth 2nd Edition: A collection of 92 of the best blogs from The Wise Sloth website up until July 2012

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