Why Someone Should Sponsor The Wise Sloth

I try to write about the most important problems I see happening in the world right now, but I don’t just complain. I try to come up with practical, nonviolent solutions to those problems and share them with as many people as possible.

I don’t make any money doing this. So I have to work a full time job, which is normal. But every day I spend making or selling disposable, consumable widgets is a day I’m not analyzing world problems, coming up with practical, nonviolent solutions to them and sharing those ideas with the world through cartoons, editorial essays and novels. There’s nothing wrong with making widgets, but writing is my passion, and that’s what I’m best at. It’s the most valuable service I can personally offer society, but I can’t offer that service to society if I have to work a regular 9-5 job every day for barely than enough money to survive. Even while working I still manage to get a lot of writing done in the evenings and on the weekends. I carry a notebook with me everywhere I go. I’m basically always writing, but I could do more writing better if I didn’t have to work a full time job.

You should sponsor me so I can get on with my real job of writing useful, entertaining blogs, comics, novels and instructional manuals. I can assure you, you won’t be throwing away your money. I’ve already written 15 books. My first book took me ten years to write. The rest were written in the last three years. If I had two years off of work where I could focus on nothing but writing I could write at least 15 more books on profound subjects. If I’m not famous after writing 30 books on the most profound subjects I can think of then I’ll write 60. I’ll always give away E-books for free, but eventually I’ll start selling hard copies of my work for a profit. Then I’ll be able to support myself and write full time indefinitely. My sponsor will get a free copy of every book I write until one of us dies.

Whether I end up spending the rest of my life selling widgets or books I’ll always be working towards the ultimate goal of saving enough money to build at least one sustainable eco-monasteries where intellectuals from all over the world can come and stay for free so that they can work on whatever profound projects they have in them but can’t complete because they have to work regular jobs. If the monastery works I want to build more monasteries where more intellectuals can go on sabbatical as well as monasteries that make and sell widgets at a profit. If that works then monasteries could be built in any third world location and offer a sustainable home and jobs for an entire village. Eventually I’d like to build sustainable monasteries on floating islands where people can live self-sufficiently in the middle of the ocean.

I’m not asking for a hand out. I’m asking someone to help me help the world. And I’m not asking for much. I can survive on $12,000 per year. I only need two years to launch a full fledged writing career that pays at least $12,000 per year. Then I’ll be able to write indefinitely. Then it’s only a matter of time before I write enough books to make enough money to build my first intellectual monastery.

You can change the world for $24,000. If you don’t have $24,000 you might know somebody who does or somebody who knows somebody. If you want to see intellectual monasteries, sustainable villages and floating islands then tell someone rich and or famous about me and get them to sponsor me. If you don’t know anyone rich or famous then invent one of my ideas and get rich, and then sponsor me. I promise I won’t let you down.

If you do sponsor me or refer a sponsor to me I’ll give you one of my ideation notebooks that I carry around with me and write all my ideas in. If I have as successful of a career as I intend to have then those notebooks will be worth a lot more than $24,000 someday.

If you would like to sponsor me you can contact me on my About/Contact page. Thank you.

Travis Haan

The Wise Sloth

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