Formula Plot Storyboards

For more a more in depth explanation on how formula plot story writing, click here.

For 8 genre-specific formula plots, click here.

You can click any image below to enlarge the whole story board.

Here are a few outlines you can’t print out and write on to help you structure your story:

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    1. Stories revolve around a central conflict. The conflict has to have a source. That source can be a person, place, thing or idea. That’s why the source of the conflict is called “the antagonist” and not just “the bad guy.”

    2. …And nearly every good story throughout history.

      If you can’t understand why most stories would need an antagonist (be it a thought, person or object), then maybe you shouldn’t be writing. There’s a reason Hollywood is still going strong.

  1. “Antagonist” is, of course, not always an outside source. It can also be “man vs man”. (Thanks goes out to my dearly loved grade 8 English teacher from back in the early 1980s, Mr. Norcott).

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