Formula Plot Storyboards

You can click any image below to enlarge the whole story board.

Here are a few outlines you can’t print out and write on to help you structure your story:

Formula Plot Templates

Plot break downs

Tips on being a writer

6 responses to “Formula Plot Storyboards

  • Larry

    Really? REALLY? REALLY!?! This is exactly what I needed right now. Something to engage my OCD into wrestling with the drunken monkey that is my creative thought process. Outline, box, formulaic shamalama twist, and periodically insert train of thought monkey. Ba ta da da da and print
    The revolution begins in five, four, three…….


  • Steeny Lou

    “Antagonist” is, of course, not always an outside source. It can also be “man vs man”. (Thanks goes out to my dearly loved grade 8 English teacher from back in the early 1980s, Mr. Norcott).


  • required

    why must there be an antagonist? it sounds like in the stupid hollywood movies.


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