Formula Plot Storyboards

For more a more in depth explanation on how formula plot story writing, click here.

For 8 genre-specific formula plots, click here.

You can click any image below to enlarge the whole story board.

Here are a few outlines you can’t print out and write on to help you structure your story:

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5 responses to “Formula Plot Storyboards

  • required

    why must there be an antagonist? it sounds like in the stupid hollywood movies.

    • wise sloth

      Stories revolve around a central conflict. The conflict has to have a source. That source can be a person, place, thing or idea. That’s why the source of the conflict is called “the antagonist” and not just “the bad guy.”

    • ChromiumTWIST

      …And nearly every good story throughout history.

      If you can’t understand why most stories would need an antagonist (be it a thought, person or object), then maybe you shouldn’t be writing. There’s a reason Hollywood is still going strong.

  • Steeny Lou

    “Antagonist” is, of course, not always an outside source. It can also be “man vs man”. (Thanks goes out to my dearly loved grade 8 English teacher from back in the early 1980s, Mr. Norcott).

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