Some are more equal than others

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Setting: Every panel shows the same image of a young girl talking to an elephant and a donkey. The Supreme Court building is far off in the background between them.

Girl: Can I ask you guys something?

Elephant: Sure. You have the right to say whatever you want in this country.

Donkey: …just like we have the right to monitor whatever you say.

Girl: I’m not legally required to wear a burqua or a hajib when I grow up, am I?

Elephant: Heavens no! It’s no the government’s place to tell you how to dress.

Donkey: …Outside of the work place that is.

Girl: Oh, great! So I’ll always be free to take my shirt off wherever a man is allowed to take his shirt off then, right?

Elephant: Heavens no! That would be indecent.

Donkey: You’ll be free to work in a strip club after you turn 18 though…wherever strip clubs are legal.

Girl: So let me get this straight. It’s 2011, and I don’t have equal rights as men?

Elephant: If you want to get nitpicky about it, not.

Girl: What if I don’t think this is being nitpicky?

Donkey: Either way, it’s still the same.

Girl: Why don’t I have equal rights, again? I thought I lived in the land of the free.

Elephant: Not enough people have complained about it loud enough. So they voted for your subjugation through their collective silence.

Donkey: ….but if enough people did complain about it we’d have the police mace, taze, beat and arrest them.

Girl: But isn’t the point of having rights that you don’t need anyone else’s approval?

Elephant: If you want to get nitpicky about it, yes.

Donkey: …but we’re not nitpicky.

Girl: If it’s all the same to you, do you think you could just sign my freedom into law real quick? That wouldn’t take long, would it?

Elephant: It’d take as long as it takes to sign a piece of paper.

Donkey: …but we’re really busy signing other pieces of paper.

Girl: What’s more important than equal rights for women?

Elephant: Tax breaks and bailouts for the ultra wealthy.

Donkey: ….and cracking down on protesters advocating economic equality.

Girl: I’ve got an idea. What if you give me this one thing, and maybe that’ll make people feel like you’re doing something for them and they won’t be so upset about the rest of the stuff you’re not doing?

Elephant: I like the way you think, but…

Donkey: We don’t want to set a precedent. If we give you an inch the next thing you’ll be asking for a mile.

Girl: I’m sure if you do me this one…favor…you’ll go down in history as civil rights leaders.

Elephant: *ugh* Our arms are still aching from having them twisted to let gays serve openly in the military.

Donkey: …and from patting ourselves on the back for doing that.

Elephant: I don’t know what you’re so upset about anyway. You could live in Saudi Arabia. Then you’d have way less rights.

Girl: By that logic I shouldn’t complain about economic inequality because I could live in a country that America exports all its sweat shop labor to.

Donkay: Now you’re getting the hang of it!

Elephant: I’ll tell you what. You can make a petition on the White House web site, and if enough people sign it we’ll look at it.

Girl: I already signed a bunch of those petitions. All you give me is dismissive, non answers. I’m not even going to try that anymore.

Donkey: Wow! You’re really getting the hang of this!

The End

2 responses to “Some are more equal than others

  • Master Daxter

    What is your opinion on PROTECT IP and SOPA.


    • wise sloth

      On paper these things look perfectly innocent and justifiable. The that gets me about them though is that piracy is already illegal. The government has the legal tools and the man power to take down pirates directly. By making 3rd party linking sites illegal it gives the government a whole new set of tools to censor and harass well meaning parties. And when people get used to having less freedom that will give the government more room and more power to take away more freedom using more legislation that looks innocent and justifiable on paper.

      I expect these new laws will get passed because they have corporate backing pushing them through Congress, and the only people who are speaking out against them don’t have the funding or lobbyists to stop it.


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