Disproving the Bible with sex and gender

I challenge any Christian to pick any topic and thoroughly research what the Bible has to say about it, and I guarantee that what you’ll find will sound more like something a primitive tribesman would say on the subject than the creator of the universe. Specifically, I urge you to study what the Bible says about sex and gender, because more than any other topic, this reveal’s that the authors of the Bible were humans projecting their primitive culture into their home-made theocracy.

  • God said if you have a wet dream you have to leave your camp until you’re “clean.” Deuteronomy 23:10-11
  • God killed Juda’s son, Er. Then God commanded Er’s brother, Onan, to impregnate his dead brother’s wife. Onan had sex with his sister in law, but he “spilled his seed” outside of her because he didn’t want to get her pregnant. So God killed Onan. Genesis 38: 8-10
  • Lot let an angry mob gang rape his daughters, and this pleased God. Genesis 19: 1-11
  • Esau (Genesis 28:6-9), Jacob (Genesis 29:15-28), Elkanah (1 Samuel 1: 1-5), David (1 Samuel 25: 39-43) and Solomon owned multiple wives (1 Kings 11:1-3).
  • God left specific instructions on how daughters are to be sold to their husbands by their fathers. (Deuteronomy 22: 13-29)
  • God lists women as property not to be coveted. (Exodus 20:17)
  • God told Paul that women should obey their husbands, be silent in church and not wear expensive jewelry.(1 Corinthians 14: 34-38)
  • God said that anyone who has sex with an immediate family member or animal must be put to death, and if a man has sex with a woman while she’s on her period, then both of them must be exiled. (Leviticus 20: 11-19)

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11 responses to “Disproving the Bible with sex and gender

  • Linda

    The bible is a book of pure mythology.


  • Alice Ntoi

    Genesis 19:1-11 does NOT say anywhere that the mob actually had sex with or raped Lot’s daughters and that pleased God!!! It iseems a problem when you rewrite the Bible including ideas that the Bible didn’t say just to suit your agenda! If you need to discredit the Bible, don’t lie about what it didn’t say! Since you seek to help others to see the truth about the Bible’says lie, why are you lying yourself?


    • Boris Badenoff

      I suggest you read the part of the Bible I like to call “How the Benjamite War Story Was Carved or How to Inspire a Militia by Slicing Up Your Wife In those days when there was no king in Israel-Judges 19:1….. Or the part in Judges where the Israelite General makes a human sacrifice of his daughter.


  • ben

    I became a believer (Christian) after researching the major religions. My approach was that it is not possible to proof anything 100%. All I needed was proof beyond ‘reasonable doubt.’
    Truth by definition is absolute (will not vary with time or point of view). It remains the truth either I believe it or not.

    I believe the resurrection because obviously, something happened to the body–why else the ridiculous explanations of the Jewish leaders (the disciples stole the body) or of the Muslims (someone-else was crucified).
    Who cares if some Indian villagers claim their guru rose from the dead?
    As for sex and violence, Jesus said he that is without sin should cast the first stone. Also, he that kills by the sword shall die by the sword.
    Men and women can never be ‘equal’ because they are designed to be different and fulfil different (equally important) roles. Of course, they should enjoy equal rights–both being human–as much as is reasonably possible e.g., pregnant women should not go to war.

    If there indeed is a God, He would know more than any other creature. Presuming to judge Him would, to put it mildly, be amusing.


  • Phoenix Raine

    I liked your post but I agree it could be more in-depth on this topic. However, I respect your integrity! Just as you said in your reply to “Jerry” , you were seriously studying for a reasonable time SO THAT you could be a better Christian with truth and integrity BUT then you found the bible lacking the evidence of Divine authorship in the ways you speak of. Same with me–mine’s a similar story. I find it interesting when you have someone like “Jerry” once again, like the other post, projects upon you the assumption that “you just don’t know your bible”, which is done to be psychologically dismissive of your input. This goes on with me too, when I point out the many conflicts and errors in scripture, but those in the mind control meme’s will fight as hard as they can to maintain their beliefs because it is the fear of not surviving that drives them. Or the fear of losing out on blessings for ‘preaching the word, or loss of ‘eternal rewards’ if they ‘fall away’.

    In my own experience I have found that It’s not a search for truth with many of them. It’s a search to defend something they have invested so much into, and which they are scared (really scared sometimes) to really look at. In the very pride they accuse a non-believer of, they will arrogantly and pridefully be ready to harm others just so they can not have to admit that they were simply WRONG!! Inability to admit to being wrong and in error is the epitome of pride. How ironic huh? They then must “demonize” any former believer no matter what (‘they were never a TRUE believer…” for example will be the excuse given…and every denomination says that every OTHER denomination are not “true” believers, so you can see the mental triangulation going on here). It also induces fear of outside information that may actually shed light on the mythos of judeo-christianity. They fear the “truth” because the truth of their bible shows them that they are not “free” in Christ but they are ‘slaves’ to a very carefully crafted religious mind control system which has been perfected over a long time, which includes the idea of repetition of a lie that makes it ‘feel’ true and the implantation of a belief that you are free even despite evidence to the contrary. Like a form of “religious gas-lighting” to mentally and emotionally destabilize the person to not trust in their own perception. Sad.


  • Anonymous

    there is a creator….just not that one. He’s big-minded, loves sex, is sort-of like the nutty professor, not too perfect, and gives us humans lots of room to fuck up. But he doesn’t waste
    anything or lose anything, so all of life simply transitions to another dimension upon leaving this one. …ALL life. The creator I know really IS love.


  • vadaoraa

    da bible is nt 4 carnal minded human. it survived many attacks centuries back nd it wil survive ur kind. keep on blaspheming. so u will understand.


  • Jezwah

    Hey, can you please do a review blog post of the Quran? I want to know your thoughts on it but only if you’ve read a translation or done some research on it. Thanks!


    • wise sloth

      I’m sorry, but I don’t know enough about the Quran to comment on it at this time. If I ever get the time, money and opportunity to study the Quran in depth, I’ll post my thoughts and observations.


  • MagicChris



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