My theory on responsibility

To be responsible is to take care of yourself. And you can’t take care of yourself without thinking about yourself. Think about it. Ultimately, being responsible for yourself means being selfish. Now, all teenagers are selfish, but their selfishness is short-sighted. Responsibility requires the kind of selfishness that takes into account the future and the rest of the world. Responsibility is being selfish in a way that returns the most amount of good possible. Looking at reality in that light it’s easy to see that getting an education, holding down a job and saving money are far more selfishly gratifying than getting stoned and playing video games all decade.

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One response to “My theory on responsibility

  • acirerue

    Damn…I really like this post. Don’t know how many people you’ve had to read it, but I imagine it wouldn’t win you many friends, lol. That’s okay though. It has been my recent experience many of us do not like to be made to really analyze why we do much of what we do. It requires we become aware, thoughtful and personally accountable.

    That being said, as a ‘new’ parent, many points you made here resonated with me – especially about a child learning to use his/her own mind and trust him/her self rather than just acting to please the parental figures. What I want so much for my children is that they can think critically and think for themselves; that is the real legacy I want to leave them.

    I am aware, though, rules certainly have their place in any functional household. The trick is to find the balance; I cannot say I know many families who have. My goal is to be on this list myself, though….


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